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  • Melissa McIntyre
    Nov 9, 2006
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      One question.....the forum??? I just thought this was an email group.

      pmcvflag <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      >>>HHmmm, ok I never got a message from Lady Cari,<<<

      Ah, I take it you may be reading responses in you email rather than on
      the forum page? That is a difficulty in the Yahoo forums. Since the
      pages are not really meant to be email lists, but rather discussion
      forums that are answered from the home page, often people who are
      answering from their emails don'tget all the responses sent to them.

      >>>but to answer your question, the book that I am referring to is
      dealing with some Gnostic texts. The back of the book
      states....Decoding original messages to humankind. In Secrets from the
      Lost Bible, Hebrew scholar Kenneth Hanson, Ph.D., uncovers the long-
      suppressed teachings in the books of the --Kabbalah, Dead Sea Scrolls,
      GNOSTIC TEXTS, Aprocrypha, and Pseudepigrapha. <<<

      Sure, I understand that... however, that wasn't what I was asking. The
      fact that the book deals at some point with Gnostic text is great, but
      since the specific parts you raise don't do so I was asking if you had
      any thoughts about how it would reconcile with, or disagree with
      Gnostic thinking, in your view. I am trying to encourage you to also
      explore and consider the more specifically Gnostic aspect of the
      issue, and how it may or may not relate to the other ideas you are

      >>>Just thought it might be interesting to some people. Sorry to be
      excited about something and what to share with people, I guess that is
      wrong to do in an email group. We should all keep quiet huh, or ask
      approval before we post something.<< <

      Imagine for a moment that you signed up for a seminar style class at
      your local university, or perhaps a symposium dealing with this
      subject. These would be organized study groups with certain codes of
      conduct concerning focus, methods of communication, and so forth...
      correct? One who participates in them does so by privalage, not by

      Now think about this forum for a moment. We offer a chance to deal
      with the subject of Gnosticism in a way that is much more specific in
      focus than most of the other forums on this subject, but that does
      come at a price. What we gain in depth we lose in breadth.

      This is not what everyone is looking for. Some people prefer light
      simple discussion or a wider focus on esoteric or spiritual subjects
      in general. That is fine, and I often post links for other forums that
      deal with a wider subject matter. There is nothing wrong with either
      method, they have their strenghts and weaknesses. However, it is
      unfair for you to be huffy that we happen to pick this method rather
      than the one used by the other 200 forums on this subject. Would you
      walk into the seminar on Gnosticism and get angry that they did not
      talk about chemistry? Of course not.

      We are happy to talk about the things that excite you. We may ask
      questions, we may express agreement or disagreement on various levels.
      Sometimes in order to keep focus we may ask something like "do you
      feel this agrees or disagrees with the ancient Gnostic thinking?",
      or "do you know of any Gnostic texts that you feel deels with this
      issue as well?" This is all meant to encourage friendly discussion
      that allows for personal interest, but also tries to connect that
      personal interest to the subject of historical Gnosticism.


      The Dragon Speaks......Listen.

      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

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