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  • Melissa McIntyre
    Nov 7, 2006
      Good Day Everyone.
      Again, I am so amazed at what enlightenment this book has given me. If you all still aren't aware, I am reading the book Secrets from the Lost Bible by Kenneth Hanson. Great book, a must get for spiritual and enlightening journeys. I will post a link as to where you can get it.
      He writes:
      Contemporary novelist Tom Ribbons writes: "When a person accepts a broader definition of reality, a broader net is cast upon the waters of fortune." A broader reality is what 2 Enoch is all about. The secret of 2 Enoch is applicable to our lives each day and conveys a tip on how to approach life: Never underestimate yourself.
      When you discover the secret of your own being, you need not worry about what others think of you. Trust yourself; believe in your own judgment. Look in the mirror daily, but do not look for blemishes or the latest wrinkle in you brow. Stare at yourself and say, not only, "I am made in the divine image," but also, "I AM.....a spark of the divine."
      Truly great inspiration I would say. Here is the link where you can get this book, like I said it is a GREAT book!!!!

      The Dragon Speaks......Listen.

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