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12812Re: Mani & The Manicheans this Sunday on Coffee, Cigs & Gnosis!!!

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  • pmcvflag
    Oct 29 9:36 AM
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      Hey Miguel

      >>>How Gnostic or Gnostic-at-all really wasn't touched upon. I've
      still got a lot to cover on the show before I get into the deeper
      layers of Gnosticism or what is Gnosticism proper. I know that
      Karen King will more than likely appear in the Spring, after she has
      recovered from surgery, so I'll tackle the issue then.<<<

      That should be interesting as well. I have not had a chance to meet
      or speak with Dr King, but our friend here Thomas L. was in her
      class. She is one of the more hardline deconstructionists of the
      Gnosticism category, and I think some of her textual criticism is
      first rate.

      Also, our mod, Gerry, attended a seminar with Dr Ehrman some time
      ago and found it... er... interesting ;) Most of his previous
      material hadn't been so much about Gnosticism, per se, but more and
      more of it is. In one recent introduction to a book he mentions how
      he had previously been an evangelical, and his study of history
      totally turned his view on its head. Any thoughts of upcoming
      interviews with him?

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