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12771Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Follow-up to an Earlier Post: Why I'm a Gnostic

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  • Michael Leavitt
    Sep 11, 2006
      imdarkchylde wrote:
      > Blessings and wingwhispers, Pi!!
      > Just thought I'd mention that two of the 'modern' gnostic groups I
      > mentioned hold services, and of course if you live in France you can
      > visit the Cathars site and find many abiguious chapels that are
      > actually of a Catharian origin. If you live in San Fransisco you can
      > visit Holloer's Chapel (or has he rebuilt since the fire?) and these
      > would be some examples of communities of 'modern' gnostics, but their
      > likeness to the ancients would have to be for you to determine.
      > I tend to think of the Internet as an Indra's Web of minds, since we
      > aren't in physical contact it is like a meeting of the minds. But
      > that is just me. It seems that few want to call an online group a
      > community, but I have found groups who consider themselves just that,
      > and the 6th definition of webster for 'community' says 'ownership or
      > participation in common," and the 7th definition says "simsilarity,
      > likeness, us, a community of spirit." So under those deifinitions
      > an 'online community' could exist, argueably.
      > But this is my opinion, just that.
      > May the Light of the One shine on your path!!
      > Love and inner peas,
      > DarkChylde
      Hoeller's Church is in Los Angeles, not San Francisco, see
      http://www.gnosis.org for the address.
      An online group is what you make of it, though it can never completely
      replace a face to face group.
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