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  • pmcvflag
    May 29, 2006
      Hey Barbara, welcome to the group.

      >>>I am new to this post,and have not yet had the time to review
      previous postings. However, I am interested in communicating with
      others who have had any kind of religious or ecstatic experience. I
      am interested in comparing notes. Mine occurred a little more than
      8 years ago and since then I have been "devouring" all kinds of
      reading material concerning gnosis, out of body experiences, and
      spirituality. My travels have taken me through all types of
      Christianity (my Catholic upbrining), through the Bahgavad Gita, The
      Course in Miracles, The Urantia Book, Bishop Spong, Bart Erhman's
      books, Robert Monroe's tapes, The Gospel of the Essenes, The Four
      Agreements, Edgar Casey readings, Reiki training, Merkaba training,
      all types of conspiracy theories, as well as alien theories... the
      list could go on and on.<<<

      You will find many people here who have had various mystical
      experiences. You will also find that many here have had long and
      wide ranging journies that have touched on many sources. However,
      this particular forum deal only with traditional Gnosticism. For a
      group with a wider focus that deals largely with many of the very
      same influences you list, you may be interesting in the following


      >>>Obviously, some have been more valuable than others - I tend to
      resonate towards the more academic - although what I experienced can
      not be found in any textbook. My experience was beyond the
      reasonable, was life changing - so my interest in finding others in
      this situation is serious.<<<

      Well, this group certainly does have an academic edge, which turns
      many off (there is always the accusation that people who have an
      academic background surely must do so at the expense of experience.
      As illogical as the accusation is, it is quite common). Don't let it
      fool you though. Even though we deal heavily with Gnosticism from
      the historical and philosophical perspective, we are fully aware of
      the spiritual undertones that can be communicated within such a
      focus. In fact, I find that maintining this focus actually refines
      communication in such a way that we can talk in far more subtle and
      deep ways than many people have the tools to pick out right away.

      Anyway, there are many groups on spirituality here at Yahoo,
      something for every taste. Hope you find this group appeals to yours.

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