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12382Re: [Gnosticism2] Re: Valentinian Exegesis of the Pauline Corpus

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  • --Michael
    May 4, 2006
      --- pmcvflag <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > Hey Michael
      > The so called "Other Bible" is just a collection you can
      most likely find at any larger bookstore.

      Sorry. Still confused. I haunt the local Borders. Never have
      seen anything like what you describe. Are you referring to
      collections such as Nag Hammadi, books thereon, or the
      so-called "Gnostic Bible?"

      If you're not referring to a specific book but, rather, to a
      set of texts, why the word "bible?" The connotation is
      something authoritative (there used to be a "Shooter's" and
      an "Angler's Bible" some years back).

      > As with the "Gnostic Bible" it should be seen in the
      context of the intent of the editors. You can find most of
      these texts online for free at http://www.gnosis.org/

      That's been bookmarked.


      > All in all, if you want to explore Gnosticism then the Nag
      Hammadi Library is BY FAR the general collection to get. Of
      course, the recently translated "Gospel of Judas" (edt.
      Kasser Meyer, Wurst) is also part of the same genre and
      widely available. If you read the notes it is actually kind
      of a good intro to Gnosticism in general.
      > PMCV

      Much appreciated.

      Notes and explanations are what I need. Reading the texts
      without background and context is rather fruitless for me.

      Seems the Gospel of Judas has gotten more than a fair share
      of attention; methinks its importance has been blown way out
      of proportion.

      Publicity is good for sales, though. The Vatican's
      condemnation of the Da Vinci Code surely will help sell even
      more copies. If I'd not already purchased the book, I would
      on that recommendation. <G>


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