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  • Will
    May 2, 2006
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, other guy <no_reply@...> wrote:

      >> >>...he's a sun-god(a peacock with spreaded tail
      >> feathers is a symbol of the sun).

      http://www.judstud.se/img/events/Melek%20Taus.jpg ---take a look

      This depiction of Melek Taus shows his tail feather eyes extending out
      in a solar symbol because of the number of eyes (twelve). The roots of
      the eyes of the feathers are seven in number, and denote the planets
      of the ancients, which are numbered from the supernal triad - the
      three feathers springing from the birds head. dividing the image in
      half, is the Moon, representing opposites, while He stands on the
      Earth symbol as a foot stool. The Sumerian symbol to the left, the
      star, represents a god. The rest of it says something like, "created
      in light and darkness" or something of that nature.

      >>His secret name is Shaitan(Satan) which the Yezidis are forbidden to

      You're forgetting these are Iraqi Kurds. That word is probably not in
      their original vocabulary from "4,000 years ago, when they started
      this religion" as one of your sources says(*snicker*). It's probably a
      label that an outside culture gave their deity. Probably somewhere
      from a short distance west? Speaking of origins, Most scholars agree
      that the Yezidi are an evolution of Zoroastrianism and Mithraism. Want
      sources? Go find them, there's plenty of material out there. Try not
      to use keywords like "Lord Lucifer" in the search though...just a tip.

      >> And like Lucifer, he is fallen and has an evil
      >> aspect(remember, he is fir as light and fire as burn).

      How is that evil? Those are just attributes of the Sun (the whole
      "fire as light and fire and burn").
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