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12366Re: The Yezidis

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  • pmcvflag
    May 1, 2006

      Just because something is exotic and esoteric doesn't mean it
      is "Gnostic". We need to be a bit critical of certain sources when
      talking about subjects like this. Besides, the equation of Malek Taus
      with "Lucifer" is not accurate. We REALLY have to be careful about
      glossing things in this way.

      The so called "Peacock Angel" or "King Peacock" is a motif in a
      religion that was only given "Biblical" contexts of the sort you
      mention as an attack.

      Neither the Yezidis, nor the Mandaeans (since you previously mentioned
      them), are technically Gnostic.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "icybrethovhecate"
      <icybrethovhecate@...> wrote:
      > Another religion from Iraq. The Yezidis believe that God created a
      > great pearl at the begining of time and placed it on the back of a
      > bird, after this he created Lucifer(Melek Taus) and his hordes of
      > angels. He(God) then retreated from the universe and left creation
      > Lucifer who broke open the pearl and made everything. Lucifer is
      > regarded as fallen but capable of redemption and is depicted as a
      > peacock because of his pride and association with the sun. As a sun-
      > god, Lucifer represents good and evil, fire as light and fire as
      > Supposbly all humans have a piece of Lucifer in their own souls, and
      > those who follow him will be rewarded in the world to come.
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