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  • pmcvflag
    May 1 1:46 AM
      Hey Jonathan

      Certainly the people on flight 93 saved many lives through thier
      heroic actions. I doubt they intended any Thelemic advertisement,
      and perhaps we should consider them as individuals before using them
      in such a way. Anyone who is concerned with the importance of
      humanism certainly must be against the kind of thinking that spawns
      terrorism, and perhaps Gnosticism most of all would point out how
      this kind of religious thinking is a demonstration of the problem
      with the religion of the Demiurge. This is true of Islam,
      Christianity, Taoism, and even the misguided football team style
      politics that pits "liberals" vs "conservatives".

      Outside of that, I am not sure what you meant to point out about the
      subject of Gnosticism.


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Jonathan McGregor Bethel"
      <jonathanbethel@...> wrote:
      > Well, I just got back from seeing "United 93" with a family
      member. Wow,
      > what a harrowing adventure. And just to think, Flight 93 was the
      only plane
      > of the 4 hijacked planes to have enough knowledge of what was
      happening and
      > enough Thelemic-93 warrior spirit to do what they did. Obviously,
      > was inherent in the passengers of Flight 93!!!!!! Those people
      knew what
      > was going to happen to them, and they took matters into their own
      hands and
      > sought to change the fate of that plane, for they knew they were
      going to
      > crash into a building! Many had received calls relaying what had
      > to the WTC and Pentagon! I prescribe this movie for the many
      > liberals that believe the war on Terrorism is a fabrication! If
      > it firmed up my resolve to rid our planet of Terrorism! These so
      > Terrorists have hijacked not only our planes on 911, but they have
      > the religion of Islam as well, and it now twists and contorts its
      > to serve their fanatical agenda!
      > I just want to say hats off to the passengers of Flight 93, for I
      > respect them, and they are truly Heroes!
      > Jonathan McGregor Bethel
      > http://omegapoint.org <http://omegapoint.org/>
      > http://sacredwisdom.net <http://sacredwisdom.net/>
      > http://2012eschaton.com <http://2012eschaton.com/>
      > P.S. I know I've done my job right, when after the movie, my mom
      says to
      > me, "Did you see the numerous 23 synchronicities?" LOL
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