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11921Re: What Is Gnosticism? by Karen King

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    Feb 8, 2006
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      Hey Mike

      >>>>Karen King was one of my son's Professors at Occidental College.
      She was fascinated at meeting a 2nd generation neo-gnostic. He got a
      lot out of her classes.<<<

      Hey, very impressive. Your son had a teacher that was a little better
      known on the common front than my own primary teacher in the subject
      (who specialized in Manichaism and NT translation, rather than
      Gnosticism specifically, though that was a secondary specialization)
      Don't know exactly what that means... but I certainly envy the
      education that I cannot continue at this point. Recently I keep
      thinking I will write her and try to get some kind of idea of where
      she will go next.... but her work has been VERY critical (in a good
      way) so far as I have seen.

      Off the point a little, she has been accused of the kind of feminist
      political preconceptions that Dr Pagels sometimes is accused of
      showing. Honestly, as I have become more familiar with her work, I
      have not seen it at all (though yes I HAVE seen it in Dr Pagels). On
      the contrary, her critical abilities have seemed more truly open (and
      critical... even CLASSICAL) than almost any other academic source I
      have read (and I am not unfamiliar with the genre).

      I am assuming this son was Thomas... whom I wish would stop in and
      talk with us more often. :) I would actually love to discuss the topic
      of academic vs personal communication with a person who has had
      both... like your son. I know my own communication could use some work
      in joining the two ;) That could be a topic all to itself.

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