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11911Re: What Is Gnosticism? by Karen King

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    Feb 7, 2006
      Hey Shoshanna, welcome to the conversation.

      Yes, I have read this book. You didn't mention specifically which
      books you had read by Dr Pagels, so I don't know the full range of
      material that you are familiar with. Most of her popular works
      are... well... for a popular audience, but some are academic in
      nature as well. Hoeller is writing for a more specific audience, but
      still generally not an academic one. What I can tell you about this
      book by Dr King is that it is extremely different in function from
      the other two authors, in that it is very academic. It is important
      in that it expresses something about the history that many people
      are not aware of outside the academic community.

      I should warn you though, this book is not about the history of
      Gnosticism, it is about the history of the category "Gnosticism" and
      how it has been used and abused over time by various people who had
      agendas with the word.

      If you are into a heavy read, there is a LOT of good material in the
      book, including the most recent academic deconstruction of old
      misunderstandings about what "Gnosticism" is (a continuation of Dr
      Williams' work "Rethinking Gnosticism", which also may be a slightly
      easier read). If, on the other hand, you would like a boiled down
      version I would be happy to write up a quick summery for you here on
      the forum.


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      > Greetings,
      > I've been lurking for a while and wondered if anyone here has read
      > above book.
      > I have read Pagels, Hoeller etc, and am keen to
      > understand the origins of Gnosticism (and Christianity.) My budget
      > is tight at the moment, so would this be worth the investment?
      > Thanks in advance for any viewpoints
      > Shoshanna
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