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11689Re: Thanks for the clarfications

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  • pmcvflag
    Dec 1 6:20 PM
      Hey Michael

      >>>The Gnostic Gospels by Pagels was my first book - I read it quite
      some time ago, also the newest version/translation of the Gospel of
      Mary Magdalene (Leloup) and a few of the other texts included in
      various compendiums of texts such as "the Gnostic Bible" (Barnstone)
      and "the Other Bible" (again edited by Barnstone).<<<

      Well, then you have already read more than many here.

      >>I'm also working through some of the newer books by Tau Malachi
      such as the Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, but am having some
      difficulty getting through it as I am not all too familiar with the
      Kabbalah which it references quite a bit.<<<

      As with the Cathars, Kabbalah does not technically fit the category
      of "Gnosticism". However, it does have many interesting
      intersections with Gnosticism so that it is often something that
      people who are into Gnosticism find useful. Unfortunately, there are
      so few books out there on the subject that are up to date with new

      >>>I appreciate the clarification on the Cathars - they did share
      some beliefs with the Gnostics, but were not necessarily Gnostics
      themselves. I am, however, interested in learning more about the
      Cathars. Can anyone recommend any good texts or resources?<<<

      Well, honestly I can't help much there, so I hope others here may be
      able to. I do know a little bit about them, the basics of their
      beliefs and practice, and a bit more about thier historical
      backdrop... but I didn't really keep any of my books on the subject
      and I can't seem to recall which ones I have read. You may find it
      interesting to know that Kabbalah found it's primary historical
      flowering right next to the Cathars... so there seems to have been a
      lot of spiritual exploration going on at the time.

      >>Are there individuals who still practice this form of Spirituality
      on this forum?<<

      Still practice the Cathar faith? Recreating it, do you mean?

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