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  • mjm_1975
    Nov 29, 2005

      I am fairly new to the study of Gnostic beliefs, so excuse me if I
      sound rather uninformed. Most of my knowledge of Gnostic thought has
      centered around some published texts regarding the history and not
      necessarily the practice of Gnosticism. I know very little about the
      modern Gnostic movement.

      I basically would like to have a few ideas clarified for me and I
      would greatly appreciate any comments.

      From my readings, I gathered that the Gnostics made a great
      distinction between the physical and the spiritual world. The
      physical world was the creation of the Demiurge and was considered
      inherently evil, while the spiritual world was the creation of the
      “good God” (I believe that is what some groups like the Cathars
      referred to this God as). Basically, I am curious then, what the
      modern Gnostic movement thinks of this. Is the physical world evil?

      Also, in my studies of the Cathars, I learned that the last known
      Cathar Parfait was murdered in the 13th century. I do not have my
      book with me, so I cannot recall his name, but I remember that he was
      some sort of shepherd who received the consolamentum in remorse for a
      murder of a fellow shepherd and led a small group in Spain until he
      was betrayed by one of his followers. I know that there are modern
      Cathars out there. Do any of these groups claim descent from an
      unknown parfait? I know that only Parfaits could give consolamentum
      and that this was passed on in an almost “apostolic succession”.

      I really would appreciate any responses and again, I apologize if I
      misused any terms.

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