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  • pmcvflag
    Oct 27, 2005
      Hey David

      >>>wow, your questions really sparked some thought in my head, I
      need to ask ya first. Did Early "Gnostics" really think and speak in
      allegorical terms? Cause if so that may answer a lot but only open
      more questions to debate. very good questions at that.<<<

      Thanks, glad you liked the questions :) As Lady Cari states, there
      is evidence in the original Gnostic writings for allegorical
      hermeneutic. Part of the point I was trying to bring up was exactly
      where this should be applied. In other words... Philip, the
      Tripartite Tractate, and other texts state directly that there is
      allegory (so there is no question on that front), but exactly where
      and how it is applied is very open to discussion.

      In this particular case, I was asking if you think that that
      allegory extends to the notion of the Demiurge or not. Let me also
      point out that the idea that something may literally be true does
      not exclude the notion that it may have also been allegorical in
      meaning. So.... where do you think this all fit in the original
      intent of the Gnostic texts?

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