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11502Re: Dr. Ehrman... worth $59.95?

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  • janahooks
    Sep 22, 2005
      > Now, Jana, why on earth would you not want to see me set off again?
      > LOL

      Actually, that was some pretty entertaining stuff.;) Maybe I'll find
      another can o' worms for you...

      > I've had my own share of trouble accessing archives lately, not to
      > mention ongoing difficulty utilizing the Search feature ever since
      > Yahoo's last major overhaul, but if memory serves, you didn't miss
      > much in those initial posts on the subject (toward the end of 2003).

      Thanks for telling me this-I was feeling like a real bozo. I couldn't
      even track down a thread that happend two weeks ago in my art
      educator's group without "timing out" immediately. I need a Lady
      Caritas in that group.:)

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