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11451Re: Redefining or a Modern Apolytrosis

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  • mercyboxfan
    Sep 9, 2005
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "janahooks" <janahooks@y...>
      > Hey, Anne Marie,
      > > Mike,
      > > Thank you for mentioning a movies as a way of perpetuating myth.
      > > know alot of ppl find them misleading and inane, but I find that
      > even
      > > though you cant ever take movies at face value, they are
      > > forms of visual stimulation. Thats why I posted earlier about the
      > > movie titled " A Cup of My Blood". That is the movie that made me
      > > start thinking about a modern day form of Apolytrosis.
      > I would just love a fully illustrated Gnostic Bible.:) I'm a visual
      > learner, so I might take a look at the movie you suggest, but
      > for telling us that it is a horror flick--I am a big chicken.
      > > I have been following this group for a few years now, but I dont
      > >always post because this group is way too intellectual for me. LOL.
      > Please keep posting for my sake, then. Sounds like you've been
      > studying this much longer than I, and you might be able to explain
      > some of this to me. Hand puppets would be nice. ;)
      > > Sometimes I get unsubscribed by a firewall program (obviously not
      > a great one) that when I get the daily emails it automatically
      > > unsubscribe me from the group and I would have to join again to
      > post
      > > a or respond to a message. I think I have the firewall prog
      > > but that remains to be seen. LOL.
      > I've been having firewall problems this weekend, too. Stops me
      > doing certain things. Maybe just read through the posts at the
      > group site and just get rid of the daily emails. I don't get them,
      > and I prefer it that way.
      > jana

      Thanks Jana,
      About the modern day Apolytrosis, as I understand the word it means
      redemption. Of course there are only about a thousand ways to explain
      redemption for each individual. I was thinking...how much would
      redemption would I get by kicking a certain habit. Habits, to me,
      being very serious trappings of my demiurge. So what about a willful
      attempt at kicking a material habit, sugar,smoking,harmful
      relationships...etc., does this sound like a modern day Apolytosis
      attempt? I could be wayyyyyyy of base with this. LOL.

      Anne Marie
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