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11439Re: Redefining or a Modern Apolytrosis

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  • janahooks
    Sep 6, 2005
      Hey, Anne Marie,

      > Mike,
      > Thank you for mentioning a movies as a way of perpetuating myth. I
      > know alot of ppl find them misleading and inane, but I find that
      > though you cant ever take movies at face value, they are excellent
      > forms of visual stimulation. Thats why I posted earlier about the
      > movie titled " A Cup of My Blood". That is the movie that made me
      > start thinking about a modern day form of Apolytrosis.

      I would just love a fully illustrated Gnostic Bible.:) I'm a visual
      learner, so I might take a look at the movie you suggest, but thanks
      for telling us that it is a horror flick--I am a big chicken.

      > I have been following this group for a few years now, but I dont
      >always post because this group is way too intellectual for me. LOL.

      Please keep posting for my sake, then. Sounds like you've been
      studying this much longer than I, and you might be able to explain
      some of this to me. Hand puppets would be nice. ;)

      > Sometimes I get unsubscribed by a firewall program (obviously not
      a great one) that when I get the daily emails it automatically would
      > unsubscribe me from the group and I would have to join again to
      > a or respond to a message. I think I have the firewall prog fixed,
      > but that remains to be seen. LOL.

      I've been having firewall problems this weekend, too. Stops me from
      doing certain things. Maybe just read through the posts at the
      group site and just get rid of the daily emails. I don't get them,
      and I prefer it that way.

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