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11434Re: Redefining or a Modern Apolytrosis

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Sep 5 2:23 PM
      Hello lady_caritas

      On 09/05/05, you wrote:

      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "mercyboxfan" <mercyboxfan@y...>
      > wrote:
      >> Describe a modern day version of the original Gnostics. If I
      > understand
      >> the meaning correctly it is an initiation rite, that describes the
      > rite
      >> as well as the gnosis received from it. I was just wondering what
      > you
      >> guys would make if you could create one for yourselves today. Just
      >> thought that this might make an interesting line of conversation.
      >> Hoping,
      >> Anne Marie
      > For a little background, besides reading references in scripture,
      > you might want to check out Dr. Hoeller's discussion of apolytrosis
      > (redemption) in his article, "Valentinus, a Gnostic for All
      > Seasons." See the last section entitled: Union and Redemption as
      > Sacraments.
      > http://www.gnosis.org/valentinus.htm
      > Hoeller writes:
      > "While many of the formulae for these rites have been lost, their
      > essential meanings can still be discovered by perusing the various
      > accounts given by the church fathers and the references contained in
      > the Gnostic scriptures.
      > I'd be interested what members might think about all this, too, Anne
      > Marie.
      > Also, perhaps, if so inclined, members of Dr. Hoeller's church could
      > enlighten us as to how this is approached in that particular modern
      > setting,... Mike, Thomas? :-)
      > Cari

      We aren't quite there with full immersion, but even now with movies
      and computer graphics, actual movies of each of the main myths could
      be made, and then attended by groups of proto-gnostics. This might
      be a start, though a bit expensive in practice, as a cynirama type
      movie would be best. Also it might be hard to come up with
      characters that fit all our individual imaginations. Look at the
      effect some of the Matrix movies have had on people, and the
      potential is obvious.

      Mike Leavitt ac998_@_lafn._org remove -'s
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