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  • janahooks
    Jun 12, 2005
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      Jen, sorry about the confusion...that was an off-topic comment for
      Gerry. (See post 11158.) :) Your book sounds interesting. Does
      the author list references that might contain gnostic subject
      matter? (Sometimes I can give myself a whole new reading list that

      BTW, I'm glad your *gray man* is gone. :)


      > I am reading a book called The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W.
      > It seems strangely Gnostic, but for some reason I am unable to
      place my
      > finger on why I feel like that or where the similarities are
      > from. The basic gist of the book is (my interpretation so far):
      > * there is one source
      > * the source is in all things
      > * the source is constantly creating
      > * the source wants nothing more than the well being of itself
      > thus all things connected to it or a part of it
      > * free will is to choose connecting with the source or not
      > connecting with the source
      > * not connecting with the source = bad juju = corruptibility
      > * connecting with the source = good stuff = creatability
      > This is my interpretation so far, but I am far from finished with
      the book.
      > - xiblis
      > >
      > > ... If one does not first
      > >
      > > I admit that my mainstream Christian upbringing is probably
      > > with me here, but this seems like the only passage referenced in
      > > past few posts where not dying is a negative thing. Or did I
      > > read in circles? Or is it more of a figure of speech meaning a
      > > liberation of spirit?
      > > Oh, BTW, I think you were on to something with the syndrome you
      > > mentioned. I forgot how they adore facts. How frustrating to
      > > on a subject like gnosticism. (Even as an assumed subheading.)
      > >
      > > Seen the Gray Man lately?
      > > jana
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