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  • Gerry
    Jun 10, 2005
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "janahooks" <janahooks@y...>
      > Gerry,
      > ... but then again, I'm also not sure that
      > > he doesn't suffer from Asperger's Syndrome. The latter would
      > explain
      > > a lot, and while there would certainly be no need for him to be
      > > embarrassed by such a condition, I'm not sure how anyone here
      > could
      > > be of help to him. At some level, it may be possible to present
      > some
      > > of the material in such a way as to convey (in fairly concrete
      > terms)
      > > some of the subtle nuances that are being missed. At the same
      > time
      > > though, if this subject is nothing more than a fixation for him,
      > then
      > > we may as well be discussing train schedules or dinosaurs.
      > In one of your posts, you bulleted a couple of items that you were
      > comparing. Visual organization might help, and Gich, I am not
      > patronizing. I am a visual learner swimming in an endless sea of
      > Times New Roman and no pictures. :( Gerry, I've had three students
      > with Asperger's, and I feel like I ask them more questions about
      > their fixation than they ask me. ;) My theory is that Gich is
      > writing a movie script, with a role based on pmcv. Heh.
      > jana

      Hey Jana.

      I have Zero experience in this area, so thanks for any insights you
      can offer. The site I was looking at earlier simply mentioned a
      series of steps that help to delineate, in a demonstrably concrete
      fashion, whatever emotional subtleties may be lost on someone who has
      difficulty reading between the lines. I'll have to find the site
      again, but right now, I had stayed up last night to adjust to a new
      sleep schedule so I can accommodate two new jobs. I was just about
      to turn in when I saw your post.

      The problem with this material, as Nick pointed out, there is only so
      much that a person can show another. It's not quite like one of
      those graphic posters where you can tell a person how to squint just
      right and where to focus so that he can see the picture in the
      abstract hodgepodge.

      At this point though, I would be happy if he would see that . . .

      "accidental" does NOT equal "purposeful."

      I'm a conceptual-minded person myself, regardless of how much I may
      appear to be a stickler for details here and there. No matter how
      much I try to look at this from either perspective though, I just
      can't see how someone makes that leap from Error to Divine Plan.

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