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11118Re: "accepting one's lot"

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  • marinas_snake
    Jun 7, 2005
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Marinas_snake
      > >>>"Suspending preconceptions is not an easy thing to do though, is
      > Anyone have any advice on how to accomplish that?"<<<
      > It IS hard... REALLY hard. I personally don't claim to completely
      > attain it, and I am on record for pointing out the flaws of nearly
      > every scholar on the subject for not attaining it. I think
      > people even get the impression that I am some kind of pessimist who
      > overly ready to rip down everyone else's theories... but this is
      > really my intent. I simply think that a self aware attempt to
      > understand this in and of itself is admirable, and that we should
      > be willing to admit our own failings in this area (scholors even
      > so).
      > I can even tell you my own eisigetic leanings, as I am very aware
      > them. However, to some extent that is a subject for another group.
      > advice is this; understand the history! THEN, Understand the
      > hermeneutics. And as you learn that history, continue to ask
      > if you are simply looking at it from a personal perspective, or if
      > are really understanding the intended communication. This is a
      > check, since anyone can claim to understand it in spirit. I don't
      > agree with Gich that this "Gnosis" does not have an intellectual
      > function... as you know. I think that this intellectual function is
      > ballance to the Sophia experience, and that they should work
      > The Sophia fell without the Logos, so it seems that dealing with
      > subject on a logical and historical front is something that the
      > Gnostics of old would have supported. Don't get me wrong, I am not
      > saying that it is the only aspect... I am simply pointing out that
      > can be a way of testing the communication against our own eisegesis.
      > So, the way to deal with the subject while suspending
      > seems to me to be aboutbacking off on our personal needs, and
      > to understand if the message may have communicated something beyond
      > the desire to prove our own observations. How do you feel about
      > PMCV
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