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11110Re: "accepting one's lot"

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  • pmcvflag
    Jun 5, 2005
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      >>>"Suspending preconceptions is not an easy thing to do though, is it?
      Anyone have any advice on how to accomplish that?"<<<

      It IS hard... REALLY hard. I personally don't claim to completely
      attain it, and I am on record for pointing out the flaws of nearly
      every scholar on the subject for not attaining it. I think sometimes
      people even get the impression that I am some kind of pessimist who is
      overly ready to rip down everyone else's theories... but this is not
      really my intent. I simply think that a self aware attempt to
      understand this in and of itself is admirable, and that we should all
      be willing to admit our own failings in this area (scholors even MORE

      I can even tell you my own eisigetic leanings, as I am very aware of
      them. However, to some extent that is a subject for another group. My
      advice is this; understand the history! THEN, Understand the
      hermeneutics. And as you learn that history, continue to ask yourself
      if you are simply looking at it from a personal perspective, or if you
      are really understanding the intended communication. This is a double
      check, since anyone can claim to understand it in spirit. I don't
      agree with Gich that this "Gnosis" does not have an intellectual
      function... as you know. I think that this intellectual function is a
      ballance to the Sophia experience, and that they should work together.
      The Sophia fell without the Logos, so it seems that dealing with this
      subject on a logical and historical front is something that the
      Gnostics of old would have supported. Don't get me wrong, I am not
      saying that it is the only aspect... I am simply pointing out that it
      can be a way of testing the communication against our own eisegesis.

      So, the way to deal with the subject while suspending preconceptions
      seems to me to be aboutbacking off on our personal needs, and trying
      to understand if the message may have communicated something beyond
      the desire to prove our own observations. How do you feel about that?

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