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  • josephine0214
    May 23, 2005
      Hi jana
      the schoolkids (and teachers :) must be counting down the last days
      of school now.
      When I worked in the k-6 school system, I would work with sp.ed.
      students as they had tests modified. those days were so stressful for
      the students, I remember being completley exhausted the end of the
      day. the sad thing is, we cant offer spiritual support to the
      students in any manner.there's so much about the system that needs to
      be changed to benefit the kids, in many ways. I dont see the harm in
      allowing a child to pray to his/her god if that what may give him/her
      a sense of peace. i'm really not a holy-roller! just seeing that
      things havent necessarily changed for the better within the classroom.
      have a good week!

      -- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "janahooks" <janahooks@y...> wrote:
      > Hello, jos.
      > > i'm a headstart teacher, looking forward to the summer off! :)
      > Ditto, sister! My kids are in Day 4 out of 6 days of standardized
      > testing. We are all so o v e r it. (I teach art and tutor in
      > reading, K-5.)
      > jos, I don't know a thing about chakras and electricity, but I've
      > poking around in gnosticism for a year with the help of the
      > people in this group. Coming from a good ol' Baptist background, I
      > found it all a bit shocking (hey, maybe I do know something about
      > electricity :), and this group is great for suggesting reading on a
      > certain subject, referencing, and deciphering...without giving up
      > the secrets too quickly. What fun is that? :)
      > Anyway, thanks for being a headstart teacher.
      > jana
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