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  • janahooks
    May 16, 2005
      Hello, jos.

      > i'm a headstart teacher, looking forward to the summer off! :)

      Ditto, sister! My kids are in Day 4 out of 6 days of standardized
      testing. We are all so o v e r it. (I teach art and tutor in
      reading, K-5.)

      jos, I don't know a thing about chakras and electricity, but I've been
      poking around in gnosticism for a year with the help of the brilliant
      people in this group. Coming from a good ol' Baptist background, I
      found it all a bit shocking (hey, maybe I do know something about
      electricity :), and this group is great for suggesting reading on a
      certain subject, referencing, and deciphering...without giving up all
      the secrets too quickly. What fun is that? :)

      Anyway, thanks for being a headstart teacher.

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