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  • josephine0214
    May 15, 2005
      i'd like to introduce myself. I'm Jo, very new to the discovery of
      Gnostiscs. I'm starting to read the Gospel of Mary. I'm overwhelmed
      the information God has been feeding me.
      So, i'm just reading many group sites and seeing what folks have to
      say. I hope to learn and grow from reading these gospels. I'm also
      checking out groups regarding those with spiritual experiences
      to mine. There's so much happening in the world today, i'm trying to
      make sense of it all. the more i dig, the more info i receive, i'm
      amazed how and why all these changes have been going on-more things
      making sense.

      a brief on my spiritual experience: i had my chakras aligned, my
      electricity calmed down, and something "opened up" inside. i now
      see "guides" everywhere, have visions, and are meeting many many
      that feed me information, such as the gospels that arent in the
      I have been told of Indigo children, which fits my younger daughter
      have 2 daughters) perfectly. i am shocked at what my kids experience
      psychically (?spelling) as well as what continues to happen to me.
      now i have been reading about the dimensions of the world changing. i
      honestly dont know what to think, so i'm eager to read everyone's

      i'm a headstart teacher, looking forward to the summer off! :)

      there's so much to read and check out, and dial up is sooo slow!
      thanks everyone!
      -jos (also known as princess leia, i'm told I "have the force")lol
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