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10996Re: Hoeller's (fairly) new book

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  • Gerry
    May 1, 2005
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "mercyboxfan" <mercyboxfan@y...>
      > Have you guys read Dr Hoeller's new book Gnosticsim: New Light on the
      > Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing? Whew, what a long title, lol.
      > If so, what do you think of it? Is it worth my reading it?
      > I know alot of you guys are not big fans of the Dr.
      > Also, just wanted to say hi to Jerry and pmcv.
      > Good to be chatting with you guys again...I have had serious problems
      > with yahoo groups in the past, but have a new computer now and I hope
      > I wont get booted off and on lie I did.

      Hey Anne.

      I certainly wouldn't say that a lot of people here aren't fans of
      Hoeller. On the contrary, many of us are big supporters, and his
      essays have long appeared at the top of our Links section as
      recommended reading for anyone new to the subject. Mention has even
      been made from time to time of the audio files of his lectures at The
      Gnosis Archive. As Mike points out, concerns about the "Jungian
      orientation" might have been cause for an occasional remark regarding a
      critical approach, but I should think we might exercise such caution
      when reading material by ANY author. Well, I'd like to THINK that
      everyone might read so cautiously, but I suppose I really should know
      better by now. ;-)

      As for that particular book, I intentionally didn't bother to recommend
      it the last time I offered a suggested reading list to a new
      member . . . simply because I hadn't finished it yet, and I wanted any
      review I might offer to be more than a speculative impression. Seems
      like I was only a couple chapters into it at the time, and just like an
      entire stack of books I have lying around here that I have STARTED to
      read, it remains unfinished. That really IS embarrassing, especially
      considering how short and accessible it is! Unfortunately, it seems
      that Time is still my biggest enemy, and that situation isn't improving
      in the least. Other half-finished projects, Life's little things, and
      big things continue to pull me in directions I'd rather not have to
      go. Maybe one day I'll learn to go with the flow . . . or at least to
      stop fighting the current so much.

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