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10993Re: Pursuit of gnosis (GNOSIS and Salvation)

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Apr 19, 2005
      Hello pmcvflag

      On 04/19/05, you wrote:

      > Hey Mike
      >>>> "This could as well be read that Jesus and Christ were one at
      >>>> birth
      > and just renewed at the jordan, and not adoptionist at all. Of
      > course it is but one statement out of Phillip's Gospel, and it is
      > Valentinian."<<<
      > Oh, sure.... which is why I pointed out that in the end Philip does
      > equate the two as well. But even in teh equation there are
      > destinctions. Obviously in other texts the case is different, and
      > there are many ways in which the "Christ" motif and the "Jesus"
      > motif is dealt with. Maybe you could point out which ones are most
      > interesting to you?
      > PMCV

      In the docetist text the Acts Of John, Christ actually talks
      extensively to John while Jesus is being crucified, "what they say of
      me I suffered, I did not suffer, what they do not say of me, that I
      suffered" (paraphrased).

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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