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10984Re: Pursuit of gnosis (GNOSIS and Salvation)

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  • lady_caritas
    Apr 14, 2005
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "gich morgan" <gich2@b...> wrote:
      > Hey Cari!
      > >>>... explain WHICH "Sophian gnosticism" ...<<<
      > I didn't know there was ONE recognised "Sophian gnosticism" never
      > SEVERAL as is implied by your question. Any information you can
      provide on
      > the different versions of "Sophian gnosticism" would be much
      > :-)

      No, I'm not personally aware of different versions, Gich, but then
      I'm not aware of all modern Sophian groups that might be around. I
      just worded my question in that manner because you had denoted an
      actual modern category of "Sophian gnosticism" and I thought you
      might have had some modern groups in mind. Now I see you were
      hypothesizing such a category, if I understand you correctly.
      Generally, historical Gnosticism has been broadly categorized into
      Valentinian and Sethian Gnosticism.

      > Now to answer your question which was prompted by my earlier
      comments. The
      > way I use the term "Sophian gnosticism" is regarding a gnosticism
      that would
      > be "Sophia" centred rather than "Christ" centred. There will be a
      > Christology because the "Christ" event cannot be ignored but the
      main route
      > to salvation will be via Sophia and her emanations. The
      whole "idea" system
      > forms a very coherent whole and a very workable traditional non-
      > "Sophia centred" gnosticism can be described without reference to
      Christ at
      > all.
      > Gich

      Interesting conjecture, Gich; however, I am confused as to how you
      are using the term, "Christ." If Sophia were to be the "anointed" in
      this hypothetical system, she could theoretically be a soter. On the
      other hand, if you're saying that Jesus, a man, need not be part of
      the system, that's another thing.

      Even in Valentinian mythology, there is a difference between the
      anointed (Christ) within the Pleroma (Fullness) and the (lower) Jesus
      born of Mary of the material realm. Also, Ptolemy's version of the
      Gnostic myth includes a higher Jesus (second-anointed Christ) within
      the Fullness, Achamoth's bridegroom (and NOT to be confused with the
      Jesus of the material realm)[_The Gnostic Scriptures_, Bentley
      Layton, p. 278 – a book with helpful annotations I would highly
      recommend, BTW, Gich.].

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