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10976Re: Pursuit of gnosis (GNOSIS and Salvation)

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  • pmcvflag
    Apr 13, 2005
      Hey Serenity.....

      >>>"I have spent the past few months researching Gnosticism and have
      found that there are as many variations on the idea of Gnosis as there
      are about Christ in Christianity decended from the Roman tradition. I
      hear that the Valintinian tradition is quite popular these days but the
      Sophian tradition is on the rise. What sort of label to you put on
      your Gnosis?"<<<

      My "Gnosis"? Well, what I had been trying to say previously is that we
      are not here to talk about my particular ideas or beliefs. Let me
      point you, for a moment, to the undtroduction to our group on the
      front page. You may be one of the people who participate via e-mail,
      so perhaps you have not seen it. Here it is.....

      <<<"Gnosticism" is, specifically, a category derived to express the
      emphasis of "Gnosis" in the belief system held by any one of a number
      of inter-related, spiritual traditions of the Late Antiquities.>>>

      In other words, the focus of this group is historical Gnosticism.
      Technically, no modern group is part of the category of "Gnosticism"
      since it is an academic term kind of like "neanderthal". There are neo-
      Valentinians (groups that attempt to recreate some of the Valentinian
      system as much as possible, while also having other influences), but
      there are no actual surviving Valentinians today. The Sophian group
      you mention is also modern.

      So, I am not here to talk about a personal system and this group is
      not in support of any modern group.

      So, while it is true there are many variations on the ideas
      of "Gnosis" in modern times (including usages of the term to imply
      everything from ESP to racial purity), for the sake of this group we
      are talking about the way the word was used by various groups in

      Does that make more sense?

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