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10966Re: Pursuit of gnosis (GNOSIS and Salvation)

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  • pmcvflag
    Apr 11, 2005
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      Hello Serenity, welcome to the group. You state....

      >>>"I know that I am blending philosophies, but I am a rather wholistic
      individual and believe in all forms of worship being equally
      respected by the Creator."<<<

      Of course, if ecclecticism works for you then run with it. However, I
      do need to point something out to you. This group is not like other
      groups that have a more open focus. It is not that those open focuses
      are not good for what they do, but sometimes there needs to be a place
      to deal with much more specific and detailed topics. For that reason,
      we only deal with traditional Gnosticism here. I am personally very
      interested in Kundalini myself, but I don't really talk about it here
      since it isn't the topic.

      By the same token, in this group we define "Gnosis" in a different way
      from what has become popular for the general reader. In this group we
      try to stick to traditional Gnostic meanings for words like this.

      Lastly, I would point out that traditional Gnostics don't respect
      the "creator" much, and sometimes call him by names like "Fool"
      or "Blind God". So, what the "Creator" respects is not something that
      the historical Gnostics much cared to consider.

      However, there are not many places on the net where you can get as
      much accurate info concerning historical Gnosticism as you can here.
      If you find that subject interesting, then this is the place to
      discuss it for sure.

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