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10692Fwd: Gnostic claims to Paul of Tarsus

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  • Tsharpmin7@aol.com
    Feb 21, 2005
      Hello Tsharpmin7@...

      On 02/22/05, you wrote:

      > do you have any sources that clearly link Paul as a willing
      > participant or supporter of any these Gnostic communities that
      > aren't hearsay or purely assumptive? just the idea that "many
      > gnostic groups looked to him as their founder, even our beloved
      > Valentinians and the quasi-Manachean Paulicians" seems to support
      > this borrowed legitimacy point of view rather than support the
      > notion that Paul, in addition to establishing literalist Christian
      > communities, was simultaneously establishing their antithetical
      > Gnostic communities as well.

      All I can say is that Valentinus claimed the Apistolic Succession from
      Paul via an intermediate teacher.  True?  Who knows.  Also, while
      none of the quotes come to mind, well over 30 years ago I came up
      with twenty some quotes from him that truely sounded Gnostic for a
      lecture. Did Paul set up gnostic communities as well as orthodox
      ones, at the time things were so much in flux, the question is
      meaningless.  Do I think Paul was a gnostic, no, but he was as you
      say, influenced by them (probably the Sethians).  Everyone goes to
      Paul, because his writings are the earliest in the New Testament, and
      too much emphasis is laid on him, and the Hyde part of him is as
      un-Gnostic as you can get.

      Mike Leavitt  ac998@...
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