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10680Re: The Golden Rule (reciprocity)

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  • pmcvflag
    Feb 17, 2005
      Hey Gich, you state....

      >>>"I can't seem to find a 'community' dimension."<<<

      Can you perhaps give a bit more detail as to what you mean here? An
      initiatory society certainly must have some sense of community in
      order to exist, so did you mean a connection to a wider community? I
      mean, are you talking about some kind of humanist moral concern like
      the "Golden Rule"? Or, does the specific community outline within
      the Gnostic orders count?

      Since you state your point as a response to Mychaels observation
      that many people see Gnosticism as a sort of spiritual anarchy, I
      get the impression that perhaps you believe that Gnosticism was a
      solitary practice? I am not sure if I understood that correctly

      Even if that was not your point, it is a common perception. Besides
      the text that Lady Cari quotes that absolutely proves from a Gnostic
      text that there were rules for inclusion and exclusion in Gnostic
      groups, I wanted to point out that as initiatory orders there was a
      great deal of effort speant making sure that the initiate was
      understanding the texts and rituals correctly. This is not only
      against the reletivistic and absolute personal kind of spirituality
      that many think it is, but it is even quite rigid in a way. Don't
      get me wrong, it is also open to creativity and personal experience,
      but there are guiding principles that certainly are important for
      inclusion into the Gnostic community as well.

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