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10515Re: Are you so sure, Hermetic_Star ? (Back to the lingo)

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  • hermetic_star
    Jan 20, 2005
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Ok, I am back from my trip. I need to point out some confusion here,
      > Hermetic_Star. I finally got a chance to look at your profile, and
      > now I know which clubs and so forth I know you from. "Philo Sophia",
      > btw, was accidentally erased by Yahoo... I may remake it again
      > someday. Remember, you went by another name in those other clubs so
      > I had to piece a few things together, including your writing style
      > and your interests and pages.

      Damn it, I didn't want to be recognised... LOL

      > Gnosis is not found in an internet club. Any Yahoo group that thinks
      > it is passing on Gnosis to it's members is selling a fantasy.

      Agreed. Just because a group attempts to point the way isn't
      necessarily a bad thing though. If the goal is understood to be
      un-attainable, and the group doesn't take itself too seriously in this
      respect, I think it's still a noble goal/attitude.

      > If you were born outside human society, say you were raised by
      > animals, you would learn a different way of being that would be
      > based on that animal existance. You may have the mind of a genius,
      > but it will never fully develope. You may go a bit further
      > linguistically somehow, you may invent tools, but no matter how
      > intelligent you are you would never come up with Quantum
      > Electrodynamic Thoery, you will not invent a steam engine, you will
      > not even come up with something so natural to humans as a fully
      > developed language.

      Maybe to that extreme, yes... But I offer you the example of Joan of
      Arc. A peasant girl who has a spiritual experience, and saves her
      country against a foreign super-power. Unlikely, but it does happen.
      It *IS* possable. Now what if we could take a good thing and mass
      produce it? Think of what we would be like THEN. *Grinz*
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