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  • pmcvflag
    Dec 21, 2004

      Good points. In fact, I would even take the notion a bit further
      when we are talking about Gnostic usage of this methodology. The
      Gnostic ritual system is so closely tied to it's ritual function,
      that I don't think we can remove any of the aspects from this ritual

      Perhaps an intersting subject would be just what that function could
      be. Here is my observation; Gnostic ritual is filled with meaning.
      Ritual in and of itself is a mnemonic for the points being dealt
      with in the ritual. That is to say, dealing with the mythology on a
      basis that hits you physically, intellectually, and spiritually...
      all at the same time.... serves to drive the point home. Gnostic
      ritual was also shocking in it's original context, which served to
      focus the attention.

      If the two work together they do more than than even "energize". The
      point of the ritual is to break assumption and hopefully provide
      direct experience of the message so that understanding
      is "initiated". Ritual was meant as an actual method of passing on
      understanding ("Gnosis").


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      > In a message dated 12/20/2004 11:55:02 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > no_reply@yahoogroups.com writes:
      > Hey Annie
      > Well, in one way I agree with you. However, I am not so sure I
      > say "ritual only" as if the very word somehow implies the
      > nature of ritual practice. I mean. we should not forget that
      > Gnosticism is an initiatory system, which means that ritual was
      > given a heavy meaning in traditional Gnostic outlines. I mean, a
      > shadow is determined by the nature of the material image creating
      > as well as the light standing behind it.
      > PMCV
      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "annie" <annielu38@z...>
      > > hi Annie Marie
      > >
      > > truly, I believe they are only available within one's self,
      > as the Truth is--and God.
      > >
      > > the outer sacraments are ritual only, and being something done
      > a tangible manner (i.e. in physical actions) are just a shadow
      > representation of the true transformation which takes place
      > >
      > > agape & unity
      > > annie
      > Hello All,
      > there is something to be said for ritual, from the mundane to the
      > and sacremental...yes, it is pomp, yes it is much a prop, but
      > delightful does occur within ritual if one is really attuned to
      the proceedings.
      > I, don't boohoo it so much as forgo the props for there are many
      another way
      > to enact upon e.g. meditation, etc.
      > Even the sense of communing with others, with deity, with nature
      can be
      > achieved through ritual...I think it is often a way to find
      fellowship, yes, but
      > also a way to "energize" one's self.
      > Ritual supposedly puts you into focus...to mirror your beliefs....
      > mychael
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