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10406Re: Bible paraphrase of Mandaean rite

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Dec 21, 2004
      Hello jemelzwa

      On 12/21/04, you wrote:

      > Here is the Biblical paraphrase of the Mandaean rite, or apart of
      > it. I couldn't post it one peice, but I will send the whole thing on
      > an attachment.
      > This was created by reading each verse from the Masbuta rite with
      > lexio divine or looking up the key words of the verses in Strong's
      > Concordance to find the closest Bible verses to the Masbuta's, and
      > then modifying the personal or temporal contest to that of the
      > Mandaeic equivalent.

      And what was the point of this exercise?

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
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