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  • pmcvflag
    Dec 4, 2004
      Hey all, hope the holiday season has been going well. We usually
      slow down in here quite a bit at this time of year, but there is a
      subject that I would like to bring up for the group.

      It seems to me that we almost never talk about Sethian Gnosticism in
      here. In some of my recent posts I have observed this leaning
      towards Valentinianism, not only here, but even in a lot of
      liturature on the topic. I would like to talk about the groups that
      are not so familiar to many people, namely Sethian forms of

      A few specific issues I would like to bring up (but feel free to
      bring up your own questions comments and observations)....

      1) There is some debate as to whether Gnosticism is an outgrowth
      from Christianity with the Sethians being the farthest swing away
      (as A. Logan states), or whether Sethians are an original source and
      the Valentinians are more of an attempt to modify it towards
      Christianity (as B. Pearson outlines). Any comments?

      2) The Sethian cosmology is so destinct, and I can't think of any
      real direct statements of "This is allegory" the way we see in a
      couple Valentinian texts... and there has been some debate as to
      whether this IS meant to be allegory or literal (or both). Thoughts?

      3) I have observed that while Valentinian thought seems the most
      popular overall, there is a move by some modern groups that appeal
      very much to the counterculture to take the "Sethian" outline as a
      social rebelion, or an attack on "xians". Do you think this is an
      accurate usage?

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