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  • Annie
    Nov 18, 2004
      Hi Gerry--
      your post reminded me of a conversation I had the other day with my honey.  we were talking about how devil and demiurge somehow have a symbiotic relationship, but possibly are 'twin brothers', based on the origins of the name of Saboath.  (not gnostic here, but still an interesting facet of the mythos of judaism, christianity, and gnosticism)
      the God movies starring George Burns and John Denver were quite funny, IMO, and I especially see a truth inherent in the title 'Oh God, You Devil'.  I think it was the last sequel, and if so, how appropriate, since that realization is the last one in the dualistic mind, after which follows the understandings of unity of spirit above the call of black and white.
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      From: Gerry
      Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 10:51 AM
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      > [....]
      > This is one of the beefs I have had with Jungian thought. It finds
      > it's way into Thelema, and into Samael Aun Woer as well. It sounds
      > as if you are creating historical connections that are far from
      > being demonstrated, and in some cases are genuinely false. We can
      > NOT take supposed psychological motifs and assume historical
      > interaction. Diana is not Etruscan, Lucifer is not a Roman God, and
      > there is no Jewish mention of either. I DO understand that such
      > connection have come up in comparative religion of the 1800s and
      > early 1900s, but much of the connection has been proven false.
      > Thelema, Kabbalah, Samael Aun Woer, Eliphas..... none of this is
      > Gnosticism.
      > PMCV

      So, in other words, you can't tell us how we might go about invoking
      our dark Lord?  How 'bout any good documentaries or movie
      recommendations that might be instructional in that regard?  ;-)

      Actually, since Baphometh mentioned being a fan of the cinema as
      well, it could be pointed out that we've discussed the Gnostic
      relevance of various films here as well.  Among those, I still think
      that _The Truman Show_ came closest to portraying an individual faced
      with overcoming the archontic control of his existence.  We've seen
      one aspect or another of Gnosticism represented in a number of films,
      but what would best capture the notion of The Ineffable?  Viewing 90
      minutes of blank screen?  I wonder how many of today's impatient,
      instant-gratification-seeking moviegoers would sit through THAT
      without starting a riot in the theater!  LOL

      Along more of a platonic vein, I notice another movie airing tonight
      (8:00pm and 1:00am Eastern) on the Independent Film Channel.  For
      anyone who hasn't seen it yet, you may get a kick out of _Hedwig and
      the Angry Inch_.  Even Elmoreb's speculation on how people are
      interpreting "Gnosticism" in the popular culture these days can be
      seen in how Tommy Gnosis steals and unwittingly bastardizes the
      material which Hedwig imparted to him.  If anyone out there is into
      the quasi-Gnostic musical genre, this one is terribly funny . . . as
      well as moving.


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