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  • baphometh17
    Nov 16, 2004
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      Hello List!


      I`m a new member of this Gnosticism Group.I`m Brazilian,Ilove

      I would like to ask some questions for you:

      1)Is Baphomet the same than the Lucifer and Lilith`s Union in only One
      God?Which are the differences between Lucifer and Baphometh?

      2)Would Baphometh have the same meaning that we find out in
      Hercules?(How could I invoke Baphometh?(Is He in Tiphareth or Binah)?)

      3)Would that old Christian┬┤s mith of 'Fallen Angel' related to Lucifer
      in the Old Testament a one?!

      4)If Lucifer is a Roman God (Lucifero),Diana`s Brother in the Etruscan
      Mithology,why would He be a 'Fallen Angel' ?(It was 'created by'
      Judaism ,isn`t It?

      Thanks in advance!

      Ave Lvcifer!

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