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10241Re: Greek polytheism & Gnostics

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  • sahms2
    Sep 19, 2004
      Hi Cari,

      A quick reply to your post...

      Thank you for your words of encouragement! I'm very glad to be in
      this group and feel better about staying here. Some members have made
      me feel welcome, however I wasn't sure about others. Now that you and
      PMCV have explained things (which I had't thought about) I will
      continue to ask questions, without feeling a little awkward. =)

      you said:
      ["You are right that a foundation is most important, and sometimes in
      order to answer your questions, we might need to first take a few
      steps back to ensure that there is understanding regarding material
      used to answer them. So, sometimes reading materials are suggested
      or other times, basic assumptions are challenged (for instance, those
      that might be a result of preconceptions learned from your previous
      religious influences)."]

      Yes, I agree!! BTW, the suggested reading material has been very
      helpful, although I'm still trying to digest it all. =)

      you said:
      ["Don't worry if your lines of discussion are different from others.
      There are bound to be silent members reading out there who might very
      well relate to you and possibly be encouraged to even drop in and
      write a post of support. Who knows."]

      Good point. This is one of the things I hadn't thought about.

      you said:
      ["In any case, it disheartens me to see your self-deprecation here.
      So, ask away. So far, I've seen lots of responses to your posts. :-)"]

      PMCV and you have helped clear the air. Now, I do feel confident
      knowing where I stand. And, yes there have been LOTS of (awesome)
      replies to my posts.

      Be on the look out for me (and my questions). =)

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