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  • annie
    Sep 1, 2004
      I have a question for any one who has an answer, because this one probably has more than just a one sentence answer.  It's related to these two paragraphs posted a day or two ago:
      'It works like this; Marcion, unlike Gnostics, believed that salvation
      was gained by faith in the actual literal validity of his system (at
      least that is how it looks in the things we read from the
      heresiologists). The Gnostic model is not dependant on a literal
      belief of the cosmology. SOme may have believed it literally, others
      may not have.... but the Gnostic writings themselves make fairly
      clear that what is important is the underlying MEANING of the texts.'

      'Gnostics do have some specific beliefs that make the term "Gnostic"
      possible, and one set of those is the cosmology you mention, while
      the other is how that cosmology relates to an internal struggle.'

      I've always assumed that salvation is the basic goal in all forms of spirituality (or religion), otherwise why go by any sort of rules at all? -- there must have been the initial promise of reward even for the most disciplined and wise individual, who is still just human.
      As to the nature of salvation, it's called by many names, but it's definitely not the mere dead end of a state of zero consciousness and memory.  I never thought about the many nuances which most likely do exist in this concept for other individuals and groups, because I have been such a spiritual renegade as far as any one else I've ever talked to, that there was no desire or need to explore this.
      I know what my idea is, and it's not a concrete image of what I can expect, because I don't know, I just know its nature.  I don't think it's a revisable concept, however vague it may be to me, so this question is more in the way of understanding how my own path differs or is similar to the path of traditional gnosticism the way it's discussed in this group.  I see many similarities, some differences, but I'm not sure what exactly is the concept of the final goal in classic, or traditional, gnosticism.  Not in the sense of Marcion, I think I understand that one.  I'm talking about in the purest sense in relation to just gnosticism.
      I hope you can understand what I mean, that was a hard question to articulate.

      love from annie
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