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10090Re: Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum article

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  • Thomas Leavitt
    Sep 1, 2004
      I've attended a few services (distance and other issues preclude any great
      frequency at this point). I found them different in form and feel from the
      more "traditional" services of the E.G. in Los Angeles, which I grew up
      attending, but very gnostic in substance. I don't have enough familiarity to
      comment on the whole of the metaphysical framework the E.G.M. operates
      under, however, so I can't offer much context for the quotes cited in the


      Message: 11
      Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 13:14:49 -0000
      From: lady_caritas
      Subject: Re: Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum article

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, David Gallardo <david@g...> wrote:
      > I thought this article might be of interest to the group; I'd be
      > interested to hear others' comments on it: /
      > /

      Thanks for the article, David. Even I don't personally frequent a
      ritualistic Gnostic church, I could pretty much relate to Miller's
      ideas, until here:

      "I just love how that was written, that God was human," she
      continued, speaking of the New Testament. "There was no
      separation. ... There is divinity in flesh. For me that holds true of
      all sentient beings, not just humans."

      Divinity *in* flesh? Of course that would be antithetical to a
      historical Gnostic take. I suppose I don't know enough about
      Rosamonde Miller and her church. She seems to offer a peaceful,
      friendly, open venue for seekers.

      What are your thoughts, David? Also, maybe Mike or others more
      familiar with her might like to comment, especially as to how her
      service compares/contrasts to other renditions, such as found in the
      Ecclesia Gnostica (Hoeller) and others.

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