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48Re: [The Gnome's Garden] Re: The Gnome's Garden phpbb buletin board

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  • Darrell Wade Penner
    Apr 27, 2006
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      Hi Joe,

      Sure if you want to put up a link on Gnome related websites. I'll figure
      a way to reciprocate on the Gnome's Garden BBS if I could figure out how
      to include a Links page. I still have much to learn in running a phpbb2
      on the web. Of course the Gnome's Garden doesn't have a lot to do about
      gnomes. Though there is a forum for people who like to take on a persona
      and role play it. There are barely any members on the Gnome's Garden so
      there isn't anything really going on, on the board.

      Of course no problem with The Gnome's Garden Yahoo Group either.

      ~ Darrell

      > Hi Darrell,
      > Do you want to have this bulletin board linked to on Gnome related
      > websites? If you'd like us to, we can put a link to it on the Hidden
      > Urban Gnome Reserve & Sanctuary site. Shoot us an email at
      > gnome_reserve@... if that would be cool with you.

      __/ Darrell Wade Penner \_______________

      "Sapientia Propter Amorem"

      Contrary to rumours I do not look at the world through rose coloured glasses. I have rose coloured bifocals. While they allow me to still see the yucky bits so I can do what I can about them, they also let me enjoy the good, perhaps to escape a little and so not become hardened and despair. - DWP

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