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44Re: [The Gnome's Garden] Hidden Urban Gnome Reserve & Sanctuary

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  • Joe
    Apr 17, 2006
      Hi Darrell,

      I checked out your website - we could be brothers (or at least
      cousins)! Belgnorman rocks, he even signed the petition, what a cool


      --- In gnomesgarden@yahoogroups.com, Darrell Wade Penner
      <darrellwpenner@...> wrote:
      > Howdy Joey!
      > I let my friend Belgnorman know about the Gnome Reserve. He's
      looking at
      > the website right now.
      > --
      > __/ Darrell Wade Penner \_______________
      > "Sapientia Propter Amorem"
      > Contrary to rumours I do not look at the world through rose
      coloured glasses. I have rose coloured bifocals. While they allow me
      to still see the yucky bits so I can do what I can about them, they
      also let me enjoy the good, perhaps to escape a little and so not
      become hardened and despair. - DWP
      > http://gnomestead.com/DarrellWPenner/index.html
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