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21Juggling Acts

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  • Darrell Wade Penner
    Apr 24, 2003
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      >I figure the juggling act that some people do
      >>> with cell phones,
      >>> coffee cups, news papers, books, electric razors,
      >>> and mascara brushes
      >>> (I've seen all that and more in rush hour traffic.)
      >>> just isn't safe.
      >>> It's not just cell phones. In fact I'm sure that
      >>> more than their share
      >>> of accidents have been caused because someone was
      >>> juggling CD's or radio
      >>> stations searching for just that right piece of mood
      >>> music for the road.
      >I have to agree with you on this one. I have seen the
      >same thing and have often wondered where these types
      >of people get thier drivers licences from.

      Aunty Sarah's Circus School of Clown Cars and Juggling?

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