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RE: Habitat for Humanity build - Thursday May 2nd and Saturday May 4th

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  • Moore, Eric C (US SSA)
    All: On Saturday 4th, please bring landscaping tools - shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. That ll support the young people who ve volunteered to come help
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2013

      On Saturday 4th, please bring landscaping tools - shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. That'll support the young people who've volunteered to come help build an outdoor classroom at Ledge Street Elementary. Thanks!


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      Subject: Habitat for Humanity build - Thursday May 2nd and Saturday May 4th


      On Thursday, we'll continue work on our new Hudson home; this is indoor work. On Saturday, we'll support this year's Big Day of Serving, helping to build an outdoor classroom for Ledge Street Elementary.

      >> Thursday: Meet at site, 24 Adelaide Street, Hudson. Please bring lunches.

      >> Saturday: Meet at site, 139 Ledge Street, Nashua. Lunch will be provided.

      24 Adelaide Street, Hudson: Directions from Everett Turnpike Exit 6 -
      1. Start out going EAST on BROAD ST/RT-130 toward SPAR AVE. 0.9 mi
      2. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto AMHERST ST/RT-101A. Continue to follow RT-101A E. RT-101A E is just past JONES CT. 0.9 mi
      3. Turn LEFT onto CANAL ST/RT-101A. Continue to follow RT-101A E. 1.0 mi
      4. RT-101A E becomes RT-111 E. 0.1 mi
      5. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto CENTRAL ST. 0.5 mi
      6. Turn LEFT to stay on CENTRAL ST.CENTRAL ST is just past HURLEY ST. 0.2 mi
      7. Take the 1st LEFT onto ADELAIDE ST.
      8. 24 ADELAIDE ST is on the LEFT, at the corner with LIONS AVE.

      139 Ledge Street, Nashua: Directions from Exit 5A (northbound).
      1. Continue off exit onto LEDGE ST. 0.4 mi
      2. Ledge Street Elementary is on LEFT

      Volunteer work:
      > 24 Adelaide: Complete final coats of drywall mud. Install exhaust duct for bathroom fan. Start boxing windows & doors.
      > 139 Ledge Street (Ledge Street Elementary), Nashua: Support Big Day of Serving - build assigned elements of new outdoor classroom: shed, trellis, picnic table, raised timber planters, sandbox.
      > Need team lead for small 1- or 2-person team to open up a bathroom entrance for handicapped access - this is indoor work to help one of our past clients.
      > Looking for a volunteer to maintain / track tools, materials, etc.

      See as many of you as can make it, starting by 9:00. Please wear appropriate protective clothing.

      Completed since last Saturday:
      24 Adelaide, Hudson: 2nd coat of mud nearly completed throughout, finish coat done less foyer, basement stairwell, and one closet - thanks again to Wally Wallace for his teaching and expertise! Built 1st trim box for windows. Pre-painted trim molding. Raked away leaves, etc.
      Truck passed inspection.

      Upcoming events:
      24 Adelaide Street, Hudson: Finish mudding drywall. Sand. Then paint throughout, before putting up trim. Contractor to metal-wrap fascias.
      New small project, Nashua: Need 1-2 volunteers to open up a bathroom doorway to facilitate access for handicapped child (this is indoor work).
      Other small projects being coordinated.

      Cell: 620-4182
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