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A2A Update, April 2004

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  • Ray Wilson
    Note the Gloucestershire item! -RW A2A Update, April 2004 (With apologies for any inconvenience caused by cross-posting.) As Phase 3 gets under way, the A2A
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      Note the Gloucestershire item! -RW

      A2A Update, April 2004
      (With apologies for any inconvenience caused by cross-posting.)

      As Phase 3 gets under way, the A2A Central Team is very pleased to announce
      that the Heritage Lottery Fund have now made grants to 12 new A2A (Access to
      Archives) projects. These projects include the following:

      - Robert Boyle for the 21st Century: delivered by Birkbeck, University of
      London, this project will contribute to A2A an extended catalogue of the
      papers of the great 17th-century scientist Robert Boyle, held at the Royal
      Society, with links to digital images of key documents;
      - South West Access All Areas: delivered by Cornwall Record Office for the
      South West Region, this project will convert 43,000 existing catalogue pages
      describing a huge variety of archives in the region, ranging from borough
      and church archives to the archives of the Gloucestershire Pig and Potato
      Production Club;
      - Bradfer-Lawrence: a Rather Different Kind of Collection: delivered by the
      Yorkshire Archaeological Society in Leeds, this project will catalogue the
      family and estate archives collected by H L Bradfer-Lawrence - including the
      pre-Reformation stock book of Fountains Abbey, which will also undergo
      extensive conservation work - and provide an interpretative website about
      the collection;
      - Accessing the Ancaster Archive: delivered by the Grimsthorpe and Drummond
      Castle Trust working with Lincolnshire Record Office, this project will
      contribute an enhanced catalogue of the Ancaster family and estate archive
      held at Grimsthorpe at Bourne in Lincolnshire;
      - Religion and Rebellion: delivered by the History of Parliament Trust
      working with the Bodleian Library, this project will contribute an enhanced
      section (focussing on documents of the later Stuart period) of over 17,000
      pages of the originally hand-written Edward Edwards Calendar describing the
      Carte Manuscripts - a major collection of state papers and other documents
      relating to England and Ireland - held at the Bodleian;
      - Oyster Sources: delivered by Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Whitstable
      Museum, this project will contribute new catalogues of the archives of
      Whitstable District Council and the Wallace Harvey Collection - both
      significant resources for the history of Whitstable, a Kent seaside town
      with an oyster fishing heritage;
      - Hall and Tavern: delivered by the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, this
      project will provide new catalogues of, and carry out conservation work on,
      archives relating to the construction of the first Freemasons' Hall and the
      Freemasons' Tavern and the societies and musical figures who met and
      performed there in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

      A2A projects with other sources of funding are also starting. These
      - Bell, Book and Candle: delivered by the North East Region, this project
      will convert catalogues describing school and church archives in the region;
      - Church, State and People: delivered by Lambeth Palace Library, this
      project will convert part of the Library's unpublished manuscripts
      catalogue, describing personal papers and the archives of church
      organisations, ranging from mediaeval manuscripts to photographs.

      There is no A2A database update this month. The next database update will
      take place at the beginning of June.

      A2A is the English strand of the UK archives network; its database at
      www.a2a.org.uk already contains the electronic equivalent of over 700,000
      catalogue pages describing archives held across England in national, local
      and specialist repositories and dating from the 700s to the present day.
      The A2A programme will make a further 150,000 catalogue pages available on
      the web by July 2005.

      * * * * * *
      Sarah J A Stark
      Regional Liaison Co-Ordinator, A2A
      The National Archives
      Surrey TW9 4DU

      Tel (direct line): 020 8392 5328
      Fax: 020 8487 9211
      Email: sarah.stark@...
      www: http://www.a2a.org.uk
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