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Re: Is glosa dead ?

Alive or dead, learning Glosa can still better your scientific/technical vocabulary in many languages. -> Vive alo morta, Glosa nu du pote sti ma boni u
Jan 28

Is glosa dead ?

Worth to learn this language , or it's dead ?
Jan 23


I remember that some Glosa-pe can’t access my blog. ... So I am sending the last book I (shortened and) translated. ... I think the first chapter is the most
Dec 25, 2016

Re: Glosa as a charity

Glosa seqe ###. Dear Glosa-pe and dear James, many thanks for your generous offer! And welcome to glosalist! The website and the domain www.glosa.org are mine.
Marcel Springer
Sep 29, 2016

Re: Glosa as a charity

Hi, I would be prepared to contribute some money to keep the website alive (say up to $US 150). I don't know how much is actually needed. Presumably Hilarie
Sep 29, 2016

Re: "U Alis-fe Aventura in Mira-landa" in Glosa?

It's been a long time since I posted that... I still think a Glosa Alice would be a fantastic thing...
Sep 6, 2016

Re: Glosa as a charity

... The registration expires on 19 December 2016. Michael Everson
Michael Everson
Sep 6, 2016

Glosa as a charity

Hi all, since the death of Wendy the trustees have not met and are not in contact with one another, or at least with me. So I am saying to the Charity
Jun 14, 2016

Re: Wendy Ashby 1953-2015

Sorry Hilarie - don't know either of them.....regards....Davidjp ... From: hilariebowman@... [glosalist] To: glosalist@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday,
David Porter
May 18, 2016

Re: Wendy Ashby 1953-2015

HI, I'm Hilarie bowman a long time trustee of glosa. When i moved from Richmond I lost touch with the other trustees and only had Wendy's address. If you know
May 18, 2016


Hi I'm looking for an email for Rainer Janowsky re Glosa charity the best email for me is hilariebowman@...
May 18, 2016

Wendy Ashby 1953-2015

Karo plu Glosa-pe, Mali-fortuna na habe kako nova: Wendy Ashby; qi pa inventi e developo Glosa ko Ron Clark; pa lose bio po longi kanceri pato. Gary pa gene
Marcel Springer
Jul 13, 2015

Huck Finn ULTIMA

Ben, na imedia gene ex plu katena Jim. Po-co Tom du dice e du dice, e dice; panto na sti kripti kine ab la kron uno noktu, e gene u navi, e tenta gene plu rabi
Gary Miller
Jun 22, 2014

Huck Finn 42

U paleo-an kine a viki pre matina vora, sed gene zero info de Tom. Sally subito sti dromo-- kausa fe vide uno-ra. U ra es; Tom Sawyer epi fero-ru kon u-la
Gary Miller
Jun 15, 2014

Huck Finn 41

U-la medika-pe es u veri gluko-feno, paleo andro, kron mi sti vigli an. Mi dice ad an; mi e u fratri pa kine a España Nesia tem casa, e spende u noktu epi
Gary Miller
Jun 8, 2014
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