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Sallie Chisholm's Procholorococcus.

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  • pawnfart
    http://web.mit.edu/biology/www/facultyareas/facresearch/chisholm.shtml We participated in three expeditions that tested this hypothesis, in which a patch of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003

      "We participated in three expeditions that tested this hypothesis,
      which a patch of ocean was fertilized with iron, and the response of
      the phytoplankton community was monitored. The results were
      Phytoplankton biomass increased 20-fold with the addition of iron,
      and the structure of the phytoplankton community also changed
      substantially. Our role in the project was to describe and understand
      the differential response of phytoplankton species to iron

      There is an interesting aspect of iron, no? It's conductive!

      How big is this discussion? Isaac Asomov has a book on "history"
      going back to the Big Bang. As of 1992 when this book was published,
      on the subject of pre cellular life--he had no answer (the
      scientific community HAD no answer). I am answering it before your
      eyes, and you are corresponding with someone who will be remembered
      hundreds of years, perhaps, after my death, because of it. Kindof
      cool, eh?

      The answer, again, is in cirrus clouds. The reason there is a
      difference between surface algae Sallie Chisholm discusses in the
      above link and in Sci Am this month, page 52-3, and the deeper algae
      is explained in this way. Nucleotide parasols must alter a movement
      between ionosphere and conductive, field from convection charged
      cloud tops, and in the oceans below, later, cellular life in
      cummulations altered the conductivity of the oceans. Different role,
      but symbiotically related.

      Clouds are forced ELECTRICALLY!!!! Think IRON might be important in
      this? Dah! Meanwhile, also at MIT is Professor Lindzen, who is chain
      smoking and cannot explain to himself, or the President, what is the
      mechanism behind the 'iris'. Ask yourself, why is Lindzen and the
      other climatologists so out of touch? And I don't think it is
      because they didn't know that iron was conductive--they have known
      all along about iron firtilizers and algaes and CO2 sinking . . .
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