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New Large 7.3 Quake Hits Vanuatu Islands; Tsunami Warning Issued

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    New Large 7.3 Quake Hits Vanuatu Islands; Tsunami Warning Issued by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media The 7.3 magnitude quake hit at approximately 11:15
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
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      New Large 7.3 Quake Hits Vanuatu Islands; Tsunami Warning Issued

      by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

      The 7.3 magnitude quake hit at approximately 11:15 (PDT) Wednesday, August 1, 2007 or 17:08:54 (UTC). Coordinated Universal Time Thursday, August 2, 2007 at 4:08:54 AM local time at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones.

      Location: 15.671?S, 167.602?E. Depth 144.8 km (90.0 miles) set by location program. Region VANUATU. Distances 55 km (35 miles) ESE of Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

      Tsunami Warning Called Off

      (NOAA) Based on all available data, a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected and there is no tsunami threat to Hawaii. Repeat; a destructive pacific-wide tsunami is not expected and there is no tsunami threat to Hawaii. This will be the only statement issued for this event unless additional data is received.


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      Thursday July 19th - Dr. Greg Little, The Edgar Casey Research Foundation. In late 2006 and in May and June 2007, a series of expeditions were conducted in the Bahamas. The most interesting finds from the sonar and subsequent follow-ups revealed rectangular formations lying in 100 feet of water off Bimini, several unusual stone formations 20+ miles out on the Great Bahama Bank, and the "rediscovery" of an underwater "mass" of fully dressed marble beams, an exquisite marble building apex, marble columns, and numerous huge, rectangular flat slabs of white marble.
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      Tuesday July 24th - Matthew Stein - author of 'When Technology Fails' - From climate change to terrorism to an economy clouded by the peak in global oil production, we all face a future filled with uncertainty. Whatever actions and strategies we may have used successfully to guide or lives and businesses over the past few decades may not continue to work in this next period of rapid change. Website: http://www.whentechfails.com

      Thursday July 26th - Solara - author of best selling book "11:11 The Invisible". During the Quantum Surf that occurred in the final three months of 2006, some of us experienced a core level shift that has catapulted us onto a totally new matrix --- into the previously uncharted realms of the deeper Invisible called the Lotus World. If you have not yet made this shift, don't worry; it is coming in 2007 and will be hard to miss as long as you make it your top priority. The Quantum Surf that arrived at the end of September will only continue to get stronger throughout 2007 and 2008.
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      Thursday July 31st - Neil Slade, Neil was assistant to Brain and Behavior Researcher T.D.A. Lingo, Ph.B., B.Sci. M.A., for 11 years at Colorado's Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory, established by director Lingo in 1957. For several years, Slade was employed full time to create and present therapeutic creativity, music, and art workshops at many of Colorado's major psychiatric and medical treatment centers. This included West Pines Psychiatric Hospital, Ft. Logan Mental Health Center, Denver General Psychiatric Ward, Mt. Airy Psychiatric Hospital, Children's Hospital of Denver, Denver Head Injury Clinic, as well as many public and private facilities.

      Thursday August 2nd - Bill Hamilton - The Earth generates its own magnetic field which periodically flips polarity over thousands of years. Paleomagnetism, the magnetic field and polarity found in ancient rock strata shows this flip has occurred throughout the history of our planet. Scientists report that such a polarity reversal may happen in the near future as the strength of Earth's magnetic field has been declining.
      Website: http://www.astrosciences.info/magflips.htm

      Tuesday August 7th William Henry - Henry is an investigative mythologist and author. His mythological specialty is the Ladder to God (Scala Dei in Latin) which has been featured in myths and scriptures since the beginning of time. In his books William interprets these stories of the Ladder to God on six different levels: the historical, the cosmological, the symbolic/metaphorical, the mythological/allegorical, the anatomical, and the technological. Website: http://site.williamhenry.net/

      Thursday August 9th - Howard Middleton Jones - One of the world-recognized experts on Ancient Egyptian Civilization and Sites, Howard brings forth some of the most startling revelations ever imparted in the history of humankind. Who actually built the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, and why? Is there really a Hall of Records under the Giza Plateau? Are the mythological figures of ancient Egypt Osiris, Isis, Anubis, Horus, and others, actually the same characters represented in certain books of the Old Testament?
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      Tuesday August 13th - John Mini - John is a California and nationally licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. He is the author of numerous books and articles and is the founder of Heart Dawn Pacific a non-profit organization that promotes the study, practice and preservation of indigenous medicine and religion. John is now focused on teaching a subject he believes is of central importance to our society today: The Short and Long-Term Effects of Using Marijuana and How to Balance Them Using Traditional Chinese Medicine. Website: http://www.getbackyourdream.com/

      Thursday August 16th - Wal Thornhill - Wal is an Australian physicist who has spent more than 40 years following up a lead provided by Immanuel Velikovsky in his best-selling book, Worlds in Collision, published in 1950. He threw down a very large gauntlet to astronomers when he wrote that electromagnetism played a role in the dynamics of the solar system. He based this bold assertion on a forensic examination of ancient literature allied with modern scientific knowledge.
      Website: http://www.holoscience.com/news.php?article=yqj3gse2

      Tuesday August 21st - Dr. Mitchell Gibson - Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson is one of the most well known and highly respected medical doctors in the state of Arizona. He has been the mental health consultant for the largest television station (NBC-Affiliate KPNX-TV12 Phoenix) for the past eight years. Dr. Gibson has also been consulted by every major television, radio, and newspaper service in Arizona for his expertise in the fields of mental health and human behavior.
      Website: http://www.mitchellegibsonmd.com/

      Thursday August 23rd - Adrian Gilbert - author "Signs in the Sky" , "The Cosmic Wisdom Beyond Astrology" and forthcoming book "The Mayan Prophecies Revisited" published by A.R.E.. We will be discussing his latest research into the prophecies of Merlin and new discoveries of the possible castle of King Arthur.
      Website: http://www.adriangilbert.co.uk/

      Tuesday August 28th - C.L. Talmadge - author of the 'Green Stone of Healing'. Under her nonfiction byline Candace Talmadge, C.L. Talmadge is a weekly political columnist syndicated by North Star Writers Group. In our interview we will be discussing the existence of lost civilizations. C.L. also has been a staff reporter or freelanced for numerous media including Adweek, Business Week, the Dallas Times Herald, Forbes, the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times and Reuters America.

      Website: http://www.greenstoneofhealing.com/


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      What People Are Saying About "Solar Rain"

      I would say that your "equation" which I will call a very logical premise is real and plausible. The American Meteorological Society has asked the NOAA Space Environment Center to conduct trainings with local meteorologist on how to read and present space weather. So Mitch, your "super-duper doppler weatherman" is a reality.
      Dr. Ernest Hildner, Director NOAA Space Weather Center

      Mitch Battros is one of those amazing individuals that has taken as his mission to disseminate on a broad scale information of great relevance that otherwise might have remained hidden in the archives of specialized scholars. With his great understanding not only of spiritual undercurrents, but also of science, he builds bridges between science and spirituality as well as between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge and makes them accessible to a broad range of people. Mitch Battros has presented us with a well researched study of the origin of these phenomena and we are being brought into a world of richness that I for one hardly knew existed before"the Sun."
      Carl Johan Calleman, Historical Scholar - author of Enlightenment: The Mayan Calendar

      Scientists have more recently begun to consider a Sun-Earth connection in the way of weather as you describe. Mitch, I believe your (equation) is right on target. We know the recent ozone depletion which measured up to 60% was caused by the Sun. Your study of charged particles from the Sun and its effect to our magnetic field and further down to the stratosphere and even ionosphere can cause disturbance to the Northern and Southern Pacific Oscillation.
      Dr. Paul Brekke, Deputy Director of SOHO project- European Space Agency

      When I first interacted with Mitch Battros, I was most impressed with his grasp of the challenges we face in disaster preparedness. I am thrilled that Mitch has taken on both the physical and emotional aspects of preparedness in this powerful book about earth and our solar context. Mitch's outstanding contribution is bridge-building from solar phenomena that influence conditions we experience down to implications, consequences and appropriate actions for us as individuals and members of organizations.
      Richard Gelb, former regional Training Coordinator Emergency Management Office

      I have been reading the earth changes newsletter of Mr. Mitch Battros, in which he addresses all aspects of the Sun-Earth connection as well as other important humanitarian issues, for a number of years and I have been impressed by the scientific competence of Mr. Battros and by his high ethical standards. I also admire his broad knowledge, dedicated commitment and unusually high diligence. I agree with his views on the physics underlying the Sun to Earth influence. (Of course, I am convinced that one day science will speak of a Galactic Center - Sun - Earth connection.) I wish Mr. Battros the continued professional success that his admirable and exemplary work deserves.
      Dr. Gerhard Loebert, recipient of the Needle of Honor in astrophysics, designer of project 'Firefly' 2nd generation stealth fighter.

      We have carefully followed the research of Mitch Battros for several years and continue to do so with increasing interest as so many of his theories and prognostications prove themselves to be accurate and true. His provocative new theory about the Sun-Earth relationship is certain to arouse serious thought as Battros carefully balances the latest science with ancient texts. Such a mixture will reassure and fascinate a wide range of readers.
      Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger, authors of over 30 best-selling books

      I would say the Sun-Earth connection does indeed follow your "Equation". When charged particles hit the magnetic field, the field is disturbed and I would think it will affect the jet stream. The earth weather can be chaotic; any small change in one area (ionosphere) can have an affect on other atmospheric conditions of the earth.
      Dr. Stefaan Poedts: Lead Scientist University of Leuven Center for Plasma Astrophysics

      Frequently it takes an "outsider" to think "out-of-the-box" and move culture closer to the truth. Mitch is a futurist thinker, driven by his curiosity. Happily, the book has emerged from Mitch and it is bound to spark discussion and further discoveries that will benefit all humans.
      Dr. William Costello, Emeritus Prof. of Psycholinguistics, SFSU

      There is clearly a connection between solar activity and a disturbance in the magnetic field which surrounds the earth. As a scientist, it is always best to keep an open mind as new information can come forward and challenge our current understandings. Regarding meteorologist forecasting space weather, we hope this will occur more often.
      Dr. Ronald van der Linden, Director of Solar Physics Department of the Royal Observatory

      The untiring work of Mitch Battros has led to his unique ability to link the best of current astronomical research with archaeological discovery so as to bring about a universal consciousness of the power of the sun for the sake of our descendants that they may adapt to inevitable change and relearn how to live in harmony with Nature. I wholeheartedly recommend his work without reservation.
      Crichton E M Miller, author of The Golden Thread of Time and The Celtic Cross

      Modern telescopes have shown us that the Sun is an active, even violent place, with predictable and unpredictable cycles, and massive explosions that occasionally shower Earth's magnetosphere. It is the source of the solar wind, responsible for what is now called 'space weather.' In this book, Mitch Battros has drawn inferences about how this solar activity affects Earth weather and climate, both short-term and long-term. These are dialogues the scientific community needs to have because the stakes are high for all of us.
      Dr. Tom Van Flandern, former US Naval Observatory Chief of Celestial Mechanics

      Mitch Battros draws attention to the intimate connection between energetic events on the Sun and weather on Earth. Humanity has a simple faith in a constant Sun that is not borne out by recent observations. If we are to have a more realistic perspective on climate change we should consider arguments like those assembled by Mitch in Solar Rain.
      Wallace Thornhill, Physicist - author of The Electric Universe

      Mitch Battros has played an important role in educating the public about Earth Changes and the Sun. I would expect the increasing recognition of the role the Sun plays in our lives and fortunes will be recognized by both the science community and the public in general. I ordered his new book, and I hope many others will do the same.
      Jim Berkland, Geologist

      Your book takes the reader through a curios journey that explores many of the unexplained mysteries with which we will have to deal in the near future. I found it fascinating reading and thought provoking.
      Arnie Rosner, Amateur Astronomer - owner rent-a-scope inc.

      I love books that make you think, even those deemed controversial. In Solar Rain, Mitch Battros blends science and esoteric philosophy to demonstrate the ancient truth of as above, so below. What's happening on the sun is affecting the earth in a most dramatic way, and influencing our weather patterns as never before. The how and why makes it a fascinating read.
      John Randolph Price, Bestselling author

      I have long been impressed with the logical and scientific approach taken by Mitch Battros with his research. I always enjoy a provocative mind as he so often presents. His new book 'Solar Rain' is a very important book, which should be read by everyone. He is clearly deeply concerned by the earth changes taking place, as am I, and is well ahead of many highly qualified scientists in this field.
      Colin Andrews, Leading Paranormal Scientist and world's leading authority on crop circles

      Order your copy of 'Solar Rain' today: http://www.solarrainbook.com/


      Preparing For Coming Earth Changes

      I have begun to note it is not just the "external" (earth changes) which is shifting, but humans as well. Remember: we too have magnetic fields which surround each of us. I think it is not unrealistic to conjecture what is happening "externally" is also happening "internally". I believe current science will acknowledge this notion, showing the Sun's "charged particles" and its influence on Earth's magnetic field is the impetus of change. In-like, this same causal effect occurs with human magnetic fields ushering in a change or "transition". Perhaps this is what our Mayan elders are trying to tell us---- (Mitch Battros)

      I will be presenting detailed information on "preparing for the coming earth changes" at cities around the nation. This will include a step-by-step handout for you to take home. I will also present the latest information which includes a demonstration on how magnetic flux has a direct affect on humans. We are coming into "cycle 24" which was predicted "live" on ECM Radio Hour by NASA stating cycle 24 will be up to 50% stronger than "cycle 23" in which we witnessed the largest solar flare ever recorded. This means larger earth changing events in the way of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and various storms. But it also means we (humans) will be bombarded with charged particles via severe geomagnetic storms from the Sun.

      Contact us at earthchanges@... to have this four hour presentation in your area.


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