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Re: [globalvillages] May I use the Global Villages server?

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  • Ben de Vries
    I am most saddened. My main page is there! ... -- -- Ben de Vries Certified Permaculture Designer SKYPE: permaculture.designer FACEBOOK: Benjamin Spock de
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 11, 2010
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      I am most saddened.

      My main page is there!

      On 11 July 2010 11:44, <ms@...> wrote:

      Hi Franz, Ralf and all,

      I'm shutting down the Minciu Sodas server at the end of this month. I
      can't afford the monthly payments (about $55 per month). My own needs are
      much more modest now. Mostly I want a wiki where I can work on my own
      personal projects.

      I will archive and upload a copy of my server's content (ms.lt,
      worknets.org, myfoodstory.info and other sites) to http://www.archive.org
      where people can access it. At some point, I also plan to make an archive
      of our letters, wiki pages, chat, etc. as a reference of our past

      Franz and Ralf, may I move my domains to your Global Villages server?
      Would you provide free hosting for them?

      One thought is for me to keep using the Worknets wiki. I'm not really
      interested in that, but perhaps its simplest.

      Another thought is to make a read-only version of the Worknets and other
      ProWikis on my server. That should be rather simple for me to set up. Or
      I could output HTML hyperlinked pages with the wiki's content. Then I
      could start a new wiki for my own personal projects. I don't intend to
      use ProWiki, but rather an open source wiki with an active developer
      community. I could do that at a virtual server. That might cost about $5
      to $15 a month.

      Franz, Ralf, what is possible? And what do you think would make sense?

      Greetings from Chicago,


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      +1 773 306-3807

      Ben de Vries
      Certified Permaculture Designer

      SKYPE: permaculture.designer
      FACEBOOK: Benjamin Spock de Vries
      YOUTUBE: permaculturedesigner

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       - John Cleese

      Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake: One of her characters asks, "As a species we're doomed by hope, then?" By hope? Well, yes. Hope drives us to invent new fixes for old messes, which in turn create ever more dangerous messes. Hope elects the politician with the biggest empty promise; and as any stockbroker or lottery seller knows, most of us will take a slim hope over prudent and predictable frugality. Hope, like greed, fuels the engine of capitalism.

    • Franz Nahrada
      Hi Andrius, all, As you know the last months were shattering our online plans with the double changes of NING going commercial and Andrius retreating from
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 11, 2010
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        Hi Andrius, all,

        As you know the last months were shattering our online plans with the
        double changes of NING going commercial and Andrius retreating from being
        active online community builder for the time being

        This has forced me to think about a new strategy for globalvillages. Two
        of our most active venues are concerned: the NING social network with
        meanwhile 130 members and this mailinglist with 311 members. But maybe
        this is a necessary crisis.

        I feel I am crossing my limits doing a one-man show as a networker and
        convener creating a wholly isolated world. I began to think about a more
        effective ecology of online tools. It was pretty helpful having the visit
        of networkers like Les Squires (transitionus) and Mathew Slater
        (communityforge) last weekend here in Vienna. We spent a lot of time
        together, also with Helmut Leitner and Ralf Schlatterbeck and some others,
        in the aftermath of a really great workshop on Pattern Languages and
        Christopher Alexander in Hotel Karolinenhof. Then I had to digest.

        Here is the results so far - cornerstones for a new online strategy. I
        discussed it with Ralf and also give some answers to your questions.

        1. Instead of supposing a homogenous group already we will stretch over
        several venues to engage peoiple where they are: facebook, linkedIn,
        transitionUs, WiserEarth and others. All of these systems can host
        discussion fora and all of these online venues have a different taste, a
        different orientation.

        Les Squires gave me the idea that a group, like a person, could have a
        resume. I liked that idea and immediately created one for Global Villages
        Network (see below as Annex to this mail). The resume is the central glue
        between locations - it is prominent and featured in each location and
        might get updated easily.

        So we can discuss
        * professional and business issues on LinkedIn
        ** http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=3197648
        * transitional issues on transitionUs
        ** http://transitionus.ning.com/group/globalvillagesintransition
        * wholistic and networking issues on Wiser Earth
        ** http://www.wiserearth.org/group/globalvillages (a fantastic tool to
        discover organisations)
        * daily gossip on facebook etc.
        ** http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120509750784
        * political issues on P2P Foundation
        ** http://p2pfoundation.net/Global_Villages
        and so on.

        We will work with Skype groups and many other things if needed.

        The idea is to hand over the groups to people active and proficient on
        those networks instead of trying to make them relocate to us.

        We experimented with NINGS new archiving tool which works really well
        (based on Adobe Air) - but we are not sure yet if we want it. Maybe we
        will seek to have the interested members of the NING community (and also
        of this list) take active care of Globalvillages groups wherever they feel
        most comfortable and at home.

        2. We will not haste building our server, but definitely primarily seek to
        establish our wikis as THE repository for more permanent content. Dorfwiki
        and GlobalVillages.info in Worknets as well as Globalvillages.at. They
        will all have certain protocols.

        3. The accumulated streams from various corners might end up in a central
        engine that passively starts with following streams and one day might end
        up as a fully - fledged edited online magazine and/or social network. At
        the time being, globalvillages.org - the future place of this network - is
        simply a link page.

        as is globalvillages.tv .

        4. We might start to act as conveners of a "council of networkers" to
        optimize the flow between the conveners of likeminded empowering
        communities . We most likely will set up a public Skype chat for this and
        record and protocol it. we want to get in touch with people like Chris
        Watkins from Appropedia and many others and see how we can cross connect
        all these venues meaningfully.

        Andrius, you inspired me very much to think of online venues as an
        ecology. I am sad that we could not do and plan this transition together.
        But very much is bthe results of our yearly time together. Also I see that
        videobridgebuilders was by far overstretching and we will re-integrate it
        somehow into globalvillages as you suggested.

        Please make it clear what you expect from us hosting domains. Does it mean
        there is one informing page per domain before people get redirected to
        archive.org? I suppose you will keep paying for these domains.

        We will avoid as much as possible hosting anything which is not actively

        We agreed that we will transfer globalvillages.info so it will be paid by
        erde.lt has been disconnected. anything else open?

        It would be most likely easier to host the whole worknets wiki than
        extracting the globalvillages pages. The problems is that you made
        modifications to the Prowiki code and that we are not sure what they are.
        Did you write a documentation? Do we have to run two versions of Prowiki
        on one server?

        I would like to change the AutoLinkStrategies on Globalvillages.info so
        that worknets toplevel pages are not automatically linked. Maybe you want
        to support us with making those adjustments and give us ideas for the
        central stream page. Maybe you want to use worknets as a minimum outlet
        for your work. Maybe others feel comfortable to create their own worknets
        there. we will see.

        all the best






        * Global Villages Network was founded by a considerable number of visitors
        at the 3rd international Global Village symposium in 1997 in Viennas city
        hall. In its founding declararation it says: "...we have to use our local
        resources more wisely and that we can increasingly do so with the access
        to global knowledge, the sharing of experiences, the division of mental
        labour and the local connectedness that new information technologies make
        possible. The discovery of the full potential of this combination between
        local resources and global knowledge is the purpose of the GLOBAL VILLAGE
        * The network lay dormant for some years and was recently revitalised (and
        slightly renamed) by its founder Franz Nahrada considering the necessity
        to speed up and focus research for a widely acceptable alternative to
        still mushrooming hyperurbanisation and rural depletion. The main tool to
        gather the critical mass of 500 globalvillagers will be the social


        * The Vision of Global Villages is to create an Earth that has enough
        place for all of us - by eliminating geographical disadvantages in access
        to education. knowledge and culture and by fostering the potential of all
        regions of this planet to host a meaningful symbiosis between man and
        * We dream of a planet full of cultured landscape and full of lean and
        green settlements connected by a global nerve system and distributed brain
        of communication lines enabling us to do 80% of what we do locally, yet
        constantly see to the other side of the world and learn from each other.
        * We dream of an Open Source world, where knowledge is a common property
        of mankind whereas there is lots of opportunities for everyone to choose
        the lifestyle and the company they prefer. Villages are the optimum form
        of human development, they allow people to unfold physical communities
        around shared values.


        * Global Villages Network seeks to establish a network of experts big
        enough to carry out research on all aspects of village development and
        still small enough to maintain friendly and meaningful relations between
        members. We want to test and experiment, implement and improve and we seek
        global cooperation with businesses, governments, international
        organisations and the civil society.
        * Besides that research we want to build and consolidate a network of
        strongholds and hubs around the globe where Global Villages principles are
        becoming tangible realities. Not each village might want to be a Global
        Village: but its good to have one nearby.


        * Establish communities of practise and research groups
        * Establish a stable ecosystem of partners (like for example the Clear
        Village Foundation)
        * Working out criteria and principles for Global Villages
        * Starting Global Village Groups in locations around the world
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